title random stripes, a minimal design stripes which allow you to arrange your own wall design (available in 10 different colors)
title abstract picture, an abstract picture made of geometrical shapes (available in 10 different colors)
title circle & stripes, a mix of geometrical shapes (available in different size and colors)
title wave, an abstract concept of wave (available in 10 different colors)
title upside down tree, a new way to see  nature in your own space (available in 10 different colors)

I’m an Italian Designer who decided to fight this “moment” with creativity and design. I’m certain design and innovative interior design products will help people to live in a better mood. I design object for home interiors and office interiors wall.
Minimal and abstract design, most of them are multicolor, because colors are actually important for our mood. My mission is give to the people a piece of design which help them to feel better in their place. Low price and best quality (our materials are made by ORAFOL) must be the only way to be respectful of people money, in order to give them the possibility to buy such kind of products.
Young and passionate designers contributes to this project as you will see in the “designers” section in my website.
I’ll be very glad and proud in case of a positive feedback from you, otherwise would say thanks for the possibility your organization give to designers and creative people publishing their work.