The total collection.
At the graduation exposition of ArtEZ Arnhem.

We read about scandals in the food industry increasingly. Also the fight for transparent labelling of the content of the food products is still raging. Through supermarkets we are becoming more dependent of the food industry, without knowing exactly what’s happening in this industry and where all the ingredients come from.
With the products of my graduation project I want to invite people to make their own food again and to experience how pure food can taste. In my collection I zoom in on dairy production and how you can produce these food products yourself. From raw milk, straight from the farmer, you can start with making butter. From the remaining milk and the resulting buttermilk you can make your own cheese and quark. With the whey that remains you can treat yourself and others to a cool whey drink or give your baked bread a fresh-sour taste. In this process you don’t have to throw away any leftovers of the food production and you become more aware of the pure flavours in our own dairy culture. Doing it yourself is also fun and educational and makes a creative user from the passive consumer again!