Welcome To HIVE Industries - Exhibition Space
RbV–5 prototype
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HIVE Industries - RbV–5 Blueprint
HIVE Industries - RbV–HIVE Blueprint
HIVE Industries - RbV–POD Blueprint
HIVE Industries - RbV–HIVE
HIVE Industries - RbV–POD
HIVE Industries - RbV–5

Welcome to HIVE Industries

Can you imagine a future where instead of the buzzing and humming one hears as a honeybee sets off to pollinate our fruit trees, flowers, and vegetables, we hear a high pitch drone of a robo-bee flying overhead, off to carry out the bidding of an anonymous tech? It’s difficult to imagine such things as anything other than science fiction.

I believe in the power of storytelling as a communicative medium and vehicle for breaking down this world’s complexities and its many layers of input in order to facilitate an engaging personal reflection of our surroundings. Creating this platform for discussion is critical to giving back to the people the power to shape their own desirable futures.

The root of my project is this:

How can we make the future more visual, more tangible, more relatable, so that it can be more malleable, and so that we can shape it to become more desirable?

I have created —through the use of speculative fiction narratives, and what I am calling future artifacts and future speculative documentaries —a framework for an experience within which observers can navigate a hypothetical future. As a Visual Maker who uses objects, graphics, video and sound as props to support and visualize a narrative, I straddle the realms of the real and the non-real in order to create a believable projection of a probable future scenario.