Welcome to the club!

Ages ago, people used to drench grass mats in water and hang them in the windowsill. The sun would cause the water to turn to vapor and the wind brought the cool air into their homes. This technique forms the base of the brand Wetclub by using a more modern material made from the flax plant. So go ahead and throw your product in the water and let nature do its work!

Wetclub is a collaboration project of Tijs Gilde and Hans van Sinderen. We wanted to do a project which was focussed on branding and so we decided to start a brand in beachwear. We took a look at the phenomenon af the “city beach” and we wanted to create a brand in where city life and a day at the beach overlap. Making use of a natural fiber made from the Flax plant we modernized an ancient method of airconditioning and applied it to body wear. Both of us where fond of the 80/90’s style graphic design and decided to use this in Wet club’s identity, every season another pattern will be used for the new products.

Models; Juliette Pépin and Andrew Grincell.