Thought this might be of interest as content for MocoLoco. We’ve just launched our first product under the heid banner – an iPad stand made from reclaimed whisky barrels. Please find some more info below.


Richard McKay


GLASGOW – 25th JANUARY, 2013

Heid is pleased to announce the release of our new WhiskiPad iPad stand made from reclaimed Scotch whisky barrels.

This new product is handcrafted in Scotland from used Scotch whisky barrel oak and retains the original black colour from the burning process from inside the barrels.

The WhiskiPad is available in a number of options and comes complete with a bottle of whisky aroma wood polish.

It is 100% recycled solid oak and allows an iPad, iPhone and numerous other tablet and smartphonedevices, to be positioned in either landscape or portrait positions.

Customers can use the stand at their desk, on a flight or for watching movies or TV (especially good for young kids).

The WhiskiPad stand is perfect for the person that wants a secure stand that looks great and has a unique story.

The oak barrels are sourced locally and come from the cooperage that make barrels for The Macallan whisky.

This unique product is available to purchase online at www.heid.co.uk

Introductory pricing will begin at £22.99
100% real reclaimed oak from Scotch whisky barrels
Works with iPad, iPhone and numerous other tablet and smartphone devices
Hand rubbed natural whisky polish finish
Original charring from inside the barrels
Solid and sturdy
Smells of whisky!
Made by hand in Scotland
Each stand is unique

About Heid

Founded in 2012 by Richard McKay and Kevin Ashcroft. Heid is a product design company creating cool products from reclaimed materials.

Contact Information:

Kevin Ashcroft –

kevin@blinkered.co.uk / 07973 358733 / http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinashcroft

Richard McKay –

richardmckay@mckayflooring.co.uk / 07887 795720 / http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardmckay