Pendal lights, combination of wenge & toulip wood veneer, wall lights (7-oak) in oak veneer
Table lamp in toulip veneer
Bar, with "7-oak" wall lights


I’m the owner & creator of “Passion 4 Wood” and it would be nice if you would publish an article about our products, I’ve included one of the projects. But if it would be more suitable to provide you information of one my creations then just ask and I’ll provide you with the info.
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Passion 4 Wood or when “light meets wood” is a Belgian company that manufactures / distributes light sculptures and various decorative items in wood veneer.
With exotic curvatures, the lamp shades look stunning even during any daylight hour when rays of natural light permeates through their delicate yet sturdy structure offering visual effects that highlight the colouring of the wood.
Various wooden veneers are designed to form both sculpture and light, different shapes, colours and diffusion are utilized to create a thoughtful user experience.
These amazing lighting fixtures are anything but ordinary, offering a refined urban feel with intricate details that will keep you begging for more.

The wide range of suspension, wall and floor standing lights fits into any residential and commercial spaces.

One of the “warmest” projects we’ve done together with an interior designer (cara design) is creating the lighting for this bar & ground floor level of this hotel in the middle of Brussels.
The combination of hanging, wall & table lamps make this a unique place to be.