Being unexpected means being noticed, showing oneself, revealing oneself. Xcircle is not only a lighting system, but also a style that generates a desire for light and colour that allows us to build our own personality, shape by shape, piece by piece.
The Xcircle modules enable you to be unique and to transform everything that surrounds you in the image of your own thoughts and of your own imagination. A house, a store, an office – everything is seen in a different light with Xcircle.
Xcircle is a modular luminaire designed to offer solutions, combinations and lighting options that are unique and unrepeatable. Each module is composed of a main housing in white opalyne polyethylene and of a steel sheet base plate. The four ends are completed with caps made of the same materials as the main luminaire housing. When they have no caps, these ends may be coupled with multiplemodules to create an endless web of light. These modules can also be alternated: direct light, inderect light and blind modules (mainly used as structural connection elements). The standard finishing of these latter versions is a shiny white coating. The module is available in a single size and can accomodate two T5 21W to 39W linear fluoriscent lamps, with multipower electronic ballast.
The use of simple mounting and connecting kits provides various installation options (high-bay, wall, ceiling). Xcircle is also available in a colour-changing version based on the RGB synthesis technology. In this case, the light sources can be adjusted both in terms of light intensity and in colours: green, red and blue.