Photography session at the FRAC in Nantes
The roll out version is only black but colors and chrome are coming out
Making of the frame prototypes
Assembling process of cover and frame
Prototype evolution

Designed for french manufacturer Addform, Yao is a multipurpose seat suitable for use as visitors chair, in meeting rooms, or waiting areas. French designer Cyrille Charier focused his work on reducing the amount of components in order to contain the selling price and limit the environmental impact.
The result is a minimalist yet sophisticated chair composed of only 7 parts, including the 4 gliders and a single fixing screw. Thanks to 3D-knitting technique, the cover fabric is made of one seamless piece that is slipped on the steel frame. Easy to assemble and to dismount, every component is 100% recyclable and can be taken apart to be replaced. Its distinctive look provides a very good comfort thanks to a perfect combination of flexibility and ergonomic shape. Like every good side chair, Yao is very easy to move and perfectly stackable as well.