Traffic Line
Service Counter
Traffic Line
Brick Wall
Sitting & Storage
Sitting & Storage

by Nordicbros Design Community

Design: Nordic Bros. Design Community / Yong-Hwan Shin

Construction: Nordic Bros. Design Community / Han-Duk Jang

Graphic: Catari Studio / Sun-Jin Kim

Photograph : Nordic Bros. Design Community

Location: Nonhyeon-ro 175gil 75, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Rep of Korea / Yollo

Use : Greek Yogurt Shop

Area : 24 m2

Completed : 2014. 05

Floor : tile

Wall : paint, tile, brick

Ceiling : paint

Garosugil, a street full of exotic cafes and designer’s store, is renowned as a center for trendy
people in South Korea. Nordic Bros. Design Community completed the design and construction of Korea’s
first and best Greek Yogurt Shop “Yollo”

Yollo, an abbreviation of the sentence “You only live and love once”, is a greek yogurt shop owned
by Miss. Dan De Lion Corporation.

Based on the Retro design of the theme ‘golden age’ the client required the newly interpreted space
design fitting to the young generation. Designer had various discussions about different culture,
especially food-related culture, of different generations and made a consensus on having ‘golden age’
as a theme of the store and expanded the idea more.

The space tried to arouse the curiosity of general customers visiting the store by not including the
stereotypical images people can associate with greek yogurt.

Inspired by duplex, the Herringbone Patten is included in two arch-shaped doors and covered with bold
colors. Also, the checkered plate (with the size of 1m width X 3.8m height) is placed at the center
and is making a harmony with the classical components like flags or neon signs.

Under the client’s request to use the small shop (24 m2) very efficiently, and the layout was
made to fulfill the purpose of the store ‘Take away, For here’, focusing on connecting the facade
design with the inner space.

The kitchen floor’s floor and wall is consisted of crossing patterns of Matt White and Glossy black,
and the 4.3 meter topping table and the counter is divided by the Arch frame. Also, the value of yollo
of ‘producing premium home-made Greek Yogurt’ is emphasized with luxurious gold colors around the
frame and other parts.

Traffic Line
With the Matt White and Glossy White melted in Herringbone Pattern, the chairs that has a shape of
ladder is positioned. With the black bricks with yellow colored masonry joint and the identity of
the store, “you only live and love once”, in a neon pop-art form, the sentiment that Yollo tries
to bring, the mixture of luxury and dynamics, is well reflected.