family feature wall
living room
living night view
view from kitchen
small tunnel
piramid ceiling
master bedroom

The long hall way located in the center of apartment connects public space and private space. It has pyramid shape ceiling with one led at the top and gives spiritual feeling in the apartment from one side to the other side. It is meditation tunnel in the apartment.

At the shoe closet at the end of hallway there is small hall in it.
The idea come from the hall in the big wood column of Todaiji-temple in Nara, Japan.
It is superstition like you get fortune and health when you go through small tunnel.
It is spiritually nostalgic element.

There are white-washed wood panel, bleached oak floor and white color for stone and wall throughout the apartment. It gives minimal, consistent and pure feeling in the space.
Tapered and slim edge details are also consistent detail elements to emphasize minimal and sensitive design expression.
Wood base, vanity mirror frame, window trim, book shelf and kitchen counter have tapered shape.

The linier led lights at living and kitchen are also design feature.

It is a highlight in the 4 story condominium building. You will forget you are surrounded by elevated subway track, highway and metal scrap yard.


Architect: Yuuki Kitada Architect, Yuuki Kitada AIA, principal,

2013 completed


Carroll Garden, Brooklyn New York

Yuuki Kitada

SGF Associates