Zephiro Detail
Zephiro Sketches

An evergreen cooker hood

Developing the hood Zephiro Emo design wanted to demonstrate loyalty to Falmec’s values: functionality, simplicity and shape proportions.
Zephiro carries the name of a soft gentle wind. Neat and fine, it is characterized by the contrast within the sinuous glass body and the strict technology of its filtering heart. It is equipped with the revolutionary e.Ion® technology, a ionization system that permits a decrease of odours in the kitchen through the elimination of the organic molecules (bacteria, viruses and allergens) suspended in the air. Zephiro is equipped with a visual feedback that indicates air quality. The sensor detects impurities and when necessary it switches on the hood purifying the air.
The e.Ion® system is patented by Falmec, certified and texted by Politecnico di Milano with surprising olfactometrics results. It is an innovative technology that transforms the hood, that so far has been considered as a product for aspiration, into an object that increases wellness and quality of life at home.
The e.Ion® system works with controlled bipolar ionisation neutralizing polluting agents in the air and transforming them into water and Co2. The ions influence positively human biochemestry causing improved moods, concen¬tration and other important health advantages.
Thanks to the air purification and sanitising, the “suspension” hood Zephiro doesn’t need to be installed with exhaust tubes and can be freely positioned inside the kitchen, reducing architectural costs and maintaining equivalent energetic performances in the building.
Zephiro is a tireless hood, an evergreen in shape and functionality.
It is available in white and black.